Noguchi Rika

I Dreamt of Flying

October 6 – November 5, 2005

Noguchi Rika: I Dreamt of Flying
October 6 - November 5, 2005
Opening Reception October 6, 2005

D’Amelio Terras is proud to present, I Dreamt of Flying, an exhibition of new photographs by Japanese artist Noguchi Rika. She will contrast images of opposable terrains such as turquoise saturated landscapes of the ocean floor, a hand-made rocket soaring upwards into a perfectly monochromatic blue sky, and rockets being launched into space.

In line with her sentiment of “wanting to be closer to the universe,” I Dreamt of Flying explores the extremes of the planet. Noguchi, who sees the world as an alien place, does not manipulate her images, neither through direction of her subjects, nor darkroom, nor digital effects. She endeavors to find “new ways of looking at the earth.” Her vivid otherworldly depictions of commonplace subjects and landscapes point to an unknown that exists within the possibility of human experience.

Noguchi Rika was born in 1971 in Saitama, Japan. She lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions of Noguchi’s work include one-person shows at Ikon Gallery, Burmingham, England and Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan. Her photographs have appeared in numerous group shows such as Commonscapes: Photography Today, Views of the Everyday at The Miyagi Museum of Art, Sendai, Japan; Moving Pictures: Contemporary Photography and Video from the Guggenheim Museum Collections, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain; and [sait] site / sight at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan. A new monograph of Noguchi’s work, The Planet: Noguchi Rika, published by Ikon Gallery in conjunction with Hara Museum of Contemporary Art will be available at the gallery during the exhibition.