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July 1 – August 1, 2003

Now Playing: Daniel Reich Gallery, K48, John Connelly Presents

July 1 – August 1, 2003
Opening reception: Tuesday, July 1, 6 to 8pm

For the month of July, D’Amelio Terras has invited three emerging artistic programs—Daniel Reich Gallery, K48, and John Connelly Presents—to occupy our west 22nd St. ground floor space. Each will present a group exhibition and operate their businesses from within our walls, bringing an array of young artists, designers, and musicians to a wider audience. The spirit of collaboration central to exhibitor’s programming will be highlighted by their juxtaposition at our gallery. D’Amelio Terras hopes to broaden the role of the contemporary art gallery to not only include recognition of individual talent but also to search for and highlight the energy, new ideas, and potential of alternative and emerging spaces.

John Connelly Presents has been open at 526 W. 26th St., Suite 1023, since November 2001. Prior to running the gallery full-time, John was a director of Andrea Rosen Gallery. He will present artwork by Asianpunkboy, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, David Altmejd, Matthew Brannon, Dearraindrop, Kim Fisher, General Idea, Wade Guyton, Karen Heagle, Sissel Kardel, Bruce La Bruce, Slava Mogutin, Gerard Maynard, and Mungo Thompson.

K48 has been publishing magazines and organizing performances, installations, and exhibitions since 2001. Primarily run by Scott Hug with the assistance of Bengala, they have published three issues and a fourth is due in August 2003. They will present limited edition audio CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs by over seventy-five artists, slackers, anarchists, poets, and punk rockers.

Daniel Reich Gallery has been open at 308 W. 21st St. #2A since December 2001. This autumn, the gallery will move to a storefront space in Chelsea. Prior to opening his own exhibition space, Daniel was director of Pat Hearn Gallery. He will be presenting “The Birdman Returns,” featuring artwork by Christian Holstad, Bjorn Copeland, Nick Mauss, Paul P, and others.