West Nile Style

July 9 – August 15, 2008

West Nile Style
M.V. Carbon with works and performances by Cat Chow, Tony Conrad, Chris Duffy, Nicholas Emmet, Brooke Hamre Gillespie, Jay King, Zeljko McMullen and Doron Sadja

July 9 - August 15, 2008
Opening reception Wednesday July 9th from 6-8PM
with a special appearance by Johnny Misheff
Summer Hours Monday through Friday 10-6

D’Amelio Terras invites Brooklyn-based, artistic performance space Paris London / West Nile to inhabit the gallery and present a group exhibition of animated objects, sound, sculptures and performance. “West Nile” is a street-level warehouse founded in October 2006 by M.V. Carbon, Zeljko McMullen and Doron Sadja. In addition to free events open to the public, West Nile houses studios used for photography, painting, video and sound. With high, arched, corrugated metal ceilings, West Nile is hot for live recording and rehearsing. Their selective program brings together an array of internationally active performers working at the forefront of visual music.

The spirit of collaboration central to West Nile’s programming will be highlighted in the multifarious display of works at D’Amelio Terras. Workspace installations will theatrically reframe active atmospheres, punctuated with live performance. West Nile produces experimental ideas in a shared site where people meet, perform, work and influence one another. This re-presentation of West Nile artists and actions aims to address new models for exhibiting time-based media.

M.V. Carbon (Violet Raid) is a painter, composer, “soundscaper and scraper”. Her recent paintings explore concepts of territory, impact and atmosphere. She is interested in defragmentation that occurs within landscape, rhythm, physiology and narrative perception. She is a co-founder of Paris London West Nile.

Cat Chow is an artist, designer, educator and performer. Her labor-intensive work, minimal in form, suggests paradoxical tensions between seduction/repulsion, beauty/desire, control/restraint and fetishism/power.

Tony Conrad is a composer, filmmaker, video artist, media activist and writer. While occasionally exhibiting and teaching, he continues to produce, perform and record at West Nile. He presents basic theoretical and practical aspects of the harmonic perception of sound.

Chris Duffy “had a hot sweaty love affair with glass blowing that lasted about four years, now they are just good friends.” His recent works incorporate electrified mixed media sculptures, drawings, machines and social chartings.

Nicholas Emmet states, “every piece of metal can be an antenna or a fork, and I want to find out which is more essential.” Through sculpture and performance, composting all the experiential remnants he can, Nicholas hopes to “nurture the neurons in our exquisitely damp and frenetic lives.”

Brooke Hamre Gillespie is an experimental artist and musical-innovator-inventor-performer-visionary. Brooke employs modern alchemy in creating new sounds through voice, various instruments and electronics that take on old forms.

Jay King is an artist, director, videographer and performer. He plays in the ensemble SYMBOL and Forrest Gillespie's Dome Theater. He has presented solo and collaborative work at venues including Glasslands Gallery, The Juilliard School, Peabody Conservatory (Baltimore), “a goth speakeasy in Greenpoint”, the Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid) and PS1.

Zeljko McMullen studied orchestral and electronic composition and sound art/installation and is currently pursuing an MFA in Music/Sound at Bard College. He creates immersive environments with walls of acoustic and electronic sound as imaginary architecture. He is an active experimenter with both binaural perceptive beating and spatial recordings. He co-founded both Shinkoyo art + music collective and Paris London West Nile.

Doron Sadja is a sound/visual artist who studied in London, Berlin, at Oberlin Conservatory of Music and is now pursuing an MFA at Bard College. Doron creates dark, psychological collages. Visually, he uses dense splashes of color, texture and action. Sonically, he employs electronic and acoustic feedback, mutated instruments, multiple speaker arrangements and extreme frequencies. Doron co-founded both Shinkoyo art + music collective and Paris London West Nile.